I completed my undergraduate degree at Cornell University, with a Mechanical Engineering major and an Entomology minor.

At Cornell University I worked in the Laboratory for Intelligent Machine Systems.

I worked on the DARPA M3 Actuation project, focused on developing bio-inspired hydraulic actuators, and hydraulic walking robots. 

Hanging out with the robot mid-assembly, 2012.

I built a demonstration platform for variable recruitment McKibbon actuation, which was presented at the June 2015 DARPA Robotics Challenge.

Variable recruitment hydraulic actuator. I built the weight-lifting arm.
hydraulic leg
My hydraulic leg test bed for experiments on hydraulic dangle (right) and a linear dynamometer for hydraulic McKibbon actuators (left).
My independent research project resulted in a poster presentation and conference proceedings.

Robot in bliss

The Robot, in Bliss.